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Classification Specifications


Classification Number: 6298


  Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 Step 8 Step 9 Step 10
Salary Range 16 $2657 $2741 $2859 $2971 $3103 $3235 $3382 $3540 $3710 $3887


The PSYCHOMETRICIAN administers, scores, and reports the results of various tests measuring aptitude, interest, personality, intelligence or proficiency in specific subjects or areas. Employees in this class may inform students, residents, or clients on agency programs and resources available to meet their needs.


This is a single classification and not currently part of a series of classes.


Allocation of positions to this class will depend on the total work performed which may include one or a combination of the duties or tasks listed below.

  1. Test Administration. Typical tasks: establishes rapport with test-taker to allay fears and build confidence; provides detailed instructions and clarifies areas of confusion by responding to routine questions; administers aptitude tests such as General Aptitude Test Battery (GATB), academic tests such as Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or graduate equivalency diploma examination (GED), personality tests such as Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, intelligence tests such as Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS), and proficiency tests to measure reading and math skills, visual acuity, motor ability or areas of specific scholastic course work such as foreign languages.
  2. Test Scoring and Reporting. Typical tasks: scores tests manually, with use of key, or mechanically with scantron machine; totals number of correct and incorrect answers and converts to raw score; plots results on graph to ascertain deviation from norm, if appropriate; makes preliminary interpretation of results, if appropriate for particular type of test; reports results, as appropriate, to party such as test-taker's instructor, academic advisor, or psychologist, State Board of Education, or University Admissions Office; notifies test-taker of results, if appropriate, through mail, in person, or by posting list of scores.
  3. Resource Coordination. Typical tasks: manages operation of testing center or unit by scheduling dates and types of tests to be administered (this may include reviewing records from past years to determine number of test-takers and anticipating amount of space and time needed to accommodate them); takes inventory of supplies such as tests, answer cards, scratch paper, and pencils; requisitions supplies as needed; maintains a library of tests, specimen sets, manuals, descriptive books, etc., and keeps current on modifications; acts as liaison to agency staff or clients by preparing and disseminating information concerning tests available and schedule of when given; meets with students, residents, or clients, individually or in groups, to give information on agency programs and resources available and necessary requirements such as: requirements to enter school or program, careers or goals attainable through program enrollment and application procedures; may provide in service training in the application and interpretation of psychometric instruments.
  4. Clerical Duties. Typical tasks: maintains files on students, residents and clients which includes test results; obtains other client information for file by contacting past schools for educational background or physicians for medical history; accepts and accounts for money collected for testing fees; prepares monthly or annual reports on testing activity; types correspondence for administrative superior;screens incoming mail.


Employees in this class have daily in-person contact with students, residents and clients to administer tests, and with agency staff such as teachers, counselors, and psychologists to give information on resources available in testing center and to report results of tests. They have occasional in person or telephone contact with prospective students or clients to inform them concerning agency or program services and resources available.


Employees in this class receive general supervision from an administrative superior who reviews work through daily or weekly meetings, reviewing monthly reports, and feedback from agency staff and test takers who use the employee's services. Work is reviewed for adherence to testing procedures applicable to the particular test administered and for compliance to agency rules, regulations, policies, and guidelines.


  • Six months experience administering, scoring and maintaining test result records of psychological tests such as aptitude, personality, and intelligence tests; OR  
  • Nine term (6 semester) hours of counseling or educational psychology measurement courses.

Transcripts must be submitted for all required and/or related courses.