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Classification Specifications


Classification Number: 0817


  Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 Step 8 Step 9 Step 10
Salary Range 26 $4072 $4265 $4479 $4690 $4914 $5149 $5403 $5670 $5949 $6233


The PROGRAM REPRESENTATIVE 2 represents multiple, diverse agency programs or programs having both substantial service and control requirements to users such as private or quasi-public businesses, other governmental units, public organizations, or individuals.


This is the second in a two-level series. It is distinguished from the first level by the requirement to represent multiple programs requiring substantially different program knowledge and the balancing of multiple, competing program demands, or by a major conflicting requirement to provide program services to users and also monitor and control user activity in the program area.


Positions in this class may perform some or all of the following duties and responsibilities and may perform other associated duties.

  1. Program Representation. Typical tasks: meets with or uses telephone to advise officials and the public on program applicability and requirements; interprets and explains applicable laws, rules, regulations, policies, and procedures to current and potential program participants; advises and assists potential participants on requesting program services and/or setting up or implementing programs; may write policy and procedure guides for use by program participants.
  2. Service Request Review. Typical tasks: reviews application for program services; ensures requester has supplied complete and accurate information; evaluates request for service against program requirements; approves/denies requests; explains decision to requester with suggestions, if appropriate, on meeting program requirements.
  3. Program Monitoring. Typical tasks: instructs individuals and groups on proper methods and procedures for compliance with program regulations; monitors reports and/or other documents from program participants; ensures that they are timely and complete; contacts participants as needed to obtain compliance with program reporting requirements.
  4. 4.Operations Review. Typical tasks: individually or as a member of a team, conducts on-site review of program operations for compliance with and adherence to standards; identifies operational strengths and weaknesses, problems, or areas of noncompliance, and identifies needed corrective action; follows up to monitor branch/program operational corrective plan; compiles and writes summary reports; may periodically lead team of analysts.


Daily in-person and/or telephone contact with current and potential program participants to exchange information and provide interpretation of policies and regulations. Regular contact with workers from other agencies (State, local, and Federal) to insure coordination and with all levels of internal staff and the public to explain program regulations and/or agency policies. Regular contact with program participants to explain program requirements, to discuss compliance requirements, and to monitor participant action to meet program requirements.


Works under general supervision of a supervisor or manager. Uses agency and program related statutes, regulations, and other guidelines and interpretations. Consults with supervisor as necessary to obtain clarification of expected results, reports on progress toward completion of assignments, confirms interpretation of regulations and policies, or seeks guidance in complicated or less clearly defined areas.


Positions are found in central and remote locations throughout State government (e.g., general government agencies, human or natural resource agencies, correctional, mental health or higher education institutions, etc.). They require the willingness to work within the environment associated with the position's location. They require the willingness to travel instate including some overnight trips.


  • Four years of technical- or professional-level experience analyzing or advising and/or instructing the public concerning specific programs or processes, monitoring a program, or performing participant reviews.  Two years of the experience must have been comparable to a Program Representative 1 which involves monitoring, representing, and reviewing programs.