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Classification Specifications


Classification Number: 2449


  Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 Step 8 Step 9 Step 10
Salary Range 15 $2557 $2657 $2741 $2859 $2971 $3103 $3235 $3382 $3540 $3710


The OFFSET PRESS OPERATOR 3 provides backup operation, maintenance, and repair of equipment and performs leadwork duties in the small press unit of a printing plant or in a copy center.


This is the third of a three-level series of classes. It is distinguished from the lower levels by possession of full knowledge and competency regarding small press and related equipment operation, maintenance and repair, and the performance of administrative duties in a printing or copy center production unit.


  1. Administrative. Typical tasks: provides orientation and on-the-job training for new or trainee employees, including unit operation processes, procedures, and policies; schedules, prioritizes, and assigns work of unit employees; reviews work in progress and approves completed work; provides employees with advice, guidance, or assistance in resolving work related problems; provides supervisor with information regarding production achievements or problems and employee performance; in the absence of the supervisor, represents unit in contact with other work units, clients, or the public.
  2. Work Planning. Typical tasks: reviews all new printing job orders for due dates and completeness of information required; contacts client or supervisor if clarification is required; arranges jobs in priority order and determines production processes to be used; reviews work in progress and makes assignments accordingly; in case of client emergency need, may interrupt or rearrange work assignments to accommodate client needs; consults with supervisor or other unit's staff to coordinate production efforts; requests additional help or overtime scheduling from supervisor when necessary.
  3. Production. Typical tasks: provides backup operation, maintenance and repair of press, xerographic, bindery, platemaking, and related equipment in the unit; monitors maintenance schedules to be sure preventive and corrective maintenance is performed by employees in order to limit equipment down time; provides training, advice, or assistance to unit employees regarding equipment setup, operation, maintenance, and repair as needed; requests major repairs through supervisor when needed; reviews completed jobs for conformance to order specifications and to standards of quality for job type; provides set up and equipment operation for more difficult jobs such as multicolor projects; performs or advises others in performing more difficult paste-ups or camera work; performs equipment operation or other production work to cover work overloads.
  4. Miscellaneous. Typical tasks: reviews and approves employee time cards; maintains production records and job locator records (e.g., to locate jobs in work process at any time); maintains equipment maintenance and repair records; maintains parts and supplies inventory and orders replacements as necessary; prepares special reports on production for supervisor or manager as required; in the absence of the supervisor, represents unit to management, clients, or public as needed; monitors repeat order plate files to assure that proper identification, job recording data, and other information is marked on or accompanies each filed plate; maintains current knowledge related to developments in equipment and operational techniques and procedures through reading of trade publications and attending in-service training when provided; trains employees in the operation of new equipment, practices, or procedures; monitors and assures observance of required housekeeping and safety practices and procedures in all work areas.


Employees in this class may have regular telephone and in-person contact with clients to clarify job orders and with other work units to coordinate production efforts. There is occasional telephone or in-person contact with agency management or support staff regarding supplies or repairs needed or to report on production or employee time records. There may be occasional in person contact with equipment technicians or vendors regarding repairs or new operating or use procedures for equipment and materials used.


Employees in this class receive general supervision from a unit manager or supervisor. Specific assignments are usually provided orally or in writing at the beginning or end of a work shift. Work is reviewed as completed for timeliness and conformance to production and quality standards. Guidance is provided orally from unit manager or supervisor and in writing on job order tickets, unit procedures and policy manuals, and equipment and supplies, operation, use, and maintenance guides.


Positions are primarily found in a printing plant. They require the willingness to work in the environment associated with the position's location.


Three years of experience in the operation, maintenance, and repair of offset presses (small press) and related equipment typically found in a small press or copy center operation of a printing plant.

Experience must show:

  • knowledge of the set up, operation, maintenance, and repair of presses, duplicators, cameras, developers, plate makers, paste-up materials, and binding equipment found in a small press or copy center operations of a printing plant;
  • knowledge of work flow and work planning for such operations.