Oregon Public Universities


Classification Specifications


Classification Number: 0405


  Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 Step 8 Step 9 Step 10
Salary Range 9 $2379 $2464 $2557 $2657 $2741 $2859


The MAIL SERVICES ASSISTANT processes incoming and outgoing mail and packages, picks up and delivers mail throughout the agency, and provides information to agency personnel on mailing procedures and regulations as part of an agency mailroom operation.


This is a single classification and not currently part of a series of classes.


Allocation of positions to this class will depend on the total work performed which may include one or a combination of the duties or tasks listed below.

  1. Incoming Mail. Typical tasks: receives, date-stamps, sorts by department, and packs into trays or cases incoming letters, periodicals and packages delivered by U.S. Postal Service, State shuttle service, and freight carriers; opens letters by hand or with electric mail opener; delivers mail using push cart, hand truck, or motor vehicle to appropriate departments in the agency one or more times per day.
  2. Outgoing Mail. Typical tasks: picks up outgoing mail and packages for U.S. Postal Service, State shuttle service, and freight carriers from departments in agency using push cart, hand truck, or motor vehicle one or more times per day; sorts outgoing mail by class; weighs mail on postal scale; affixes proper postage and seals envelopes using metering machine; pre-sorts and bundles letters by zip code according to U.S. Postal Service regulations; prepares packages for delivery by freight carriers by weighing, logging in manifest book, and labeling packages; packs outgoing mail in trays or sacks in compliance with U.S. Postal Service and freight carrier regulations; moves trays and sacks to outgoing mail processing area.
  3. Equipment Operation and Maintenance. Typical tasks: prepares and operates 2, 4, or 6 station inserter for folding and inserting one or more documents into envelopes; prepares and operates labeling machines for bulk mailings using address plates or computer-printed labels; uses shrink wrapping and tying machine to seal packages; cleans surfaces of equipment; cleans interior of equipment with air blower; adds ink, water, and tape to machine as needed.
  4. Record keeping. Typical tasks: records postage due amounts and first, second and bulk class mail rate charges for each department; logs incoming and outgoing certified, registered, or insured letters and bills to appropriate department; completes forms and permits for international mail.
  5. Miscellaneous. Typical tasks: answers questions on mailing procedures and postal regulations from agency staff, agency clients, students, or patients; picks up and delivers work from departments for agency copy center or word processing center; delivers outgoing agency mail to other agencies and Post Office by walking or driving predetermined route; may operate copying equipment and equipment for folding, stapling, hole drilling, and cutting in agency copy center, or perform other routine duties related to the work of the unit.


Employees in this class have daily in person and telephone contact with personnel throughout the agency, clients, patients, and students as they pickup and deliver mail, and answer questions on mailing procedures and postal regulations. They also have daily contact in person with U.S. Postal Service employees and freight service employees who are delivering and picking up mail and packages. Some employees in this class have weekly in person and telephone contact with repair service representatives to arrange for repair of mail processing, copying, and related equipment.


Employees in this class receive close supervision from an administrative superior during a training period of up to six months. Work is received through verbal and written assignments from the supervisor, and from verbal and written requests from agency personnel. Work is reviewed daily during the training period for accuracy and completion on a timely basis. As proficiency in the operation of equipment and knowledge of U.S. Postal Service, freight carriers, and agency procedures and regulations is demonstrated, supervision becomes general. U.S. Postal Service regulations, General Services mailing procedures, freight carriers procedures, agency Administrative Rules, bulletins, and a procedures manual provide rigid and well defined guidelines for the processing and security of incoming and outgoing mail. Equipment manuals provide operating and maintenance instructions for mail processing, copying, and related equipment.


Positions are found in central and remote locations throughout State government (e.g., general government agencies, human or natural resource agencies, correctional, mental health, or higher education institutions, hospitals, etc.). They require the willingness to work within the environment associated with the position's location.


Minimum Qualifications are not established for this classification. The appointing authority is responsible for recruitment and selection. Refer to Personnel Rule 105-43-005.