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Classification Specifications


Classification Number: 4116


  Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 Step 8 Step 9 Step 10
Salary Range 14 $2464 $2557 $2657 $2741 $2859 $2971 $3103 $3235 $3382 $3540


The LABORER 2 does a wide variety of routine and semiskilled tasks, requiring sustained physical effort and the use of large power equipment such as tractors.


This is the second level of a two-level series. The general nature of supervision received, increased record keeping requirements and the operation of large power equipment and vehicles distinguish it from the lower level.


The duties listed below are not inclusive but characteristic of the type and level of work associated with the class. Individual positions may do all or some combination of the duties listed below as well as other related duties.

  1. General Labor. Breaks up concrete and builds forms for new concrete. Uses power equipment for basic building maintenance. Assists trades employees with their work by doing such tasks as basic carpentry and plumbing. Maintains work records as required. Operates power shears, brush chippers, and other power equipment used in landscape maintenance. Does basic maintenance and repair on equipment.??
  2. Warehouse Labor. Operates forklifts and other warehouse equipment to unload shipments and to move items around facility. Organizes incoming and outgoing shipments. Packs and unpacks merchandise and verifies contents against shipping documents. Keeps detailed records concerning articles shipped, the motor carriers involved, delivery points, damage, and loss.
  3. Vehicle Servicing. Dispenses fuel and lubricants, cleans and washes vehicles, assists stranded motorists with jump-starting the car battery, unlock and wrecker services, screens returning vehicles for interior and body damage and operational and safety sufficiency.??
  4. Miscellaneous. Requisitions supplies needed for assigned duties and tasks. Coordinates the work of and guides lower level personnel. Does lower level work as needed.??


The Laborer 2 works under general supervision of an operations supervisor who assigns work verbally and reviews work upon completion for thoroughness and adequacy. University and State safety rules, and university and State and rules and regulations and operating procedures guide the employee.


The Laborer 2 has regular contact in person or by telephone with other employees in the work unit to exchange information about work assignments and get or give additional instructions. The employee has occasional contact employees in other units and the public to exchange information related to doing the assigned work.


Work occurs outdoors in all types of weather. It requires walking, standing, bending and stooping for extended periods, at times in confined spaces. Work occurs on ladders, scaffolds, and other aboveground locations. Employees may be exposed to dust, fumes, noise and unpleasant variation in temperature. Work requires lifting and carrying heavy objects. Some positions require working with or around chemicals and caustic compounds such as pesticides, herbicides, disinfectants, and cleaning agents.


Minimum qualifications are not established for this classification. The appointing authority is responsible for recruitment and selection.

Revised 02/02