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Classification Specifications


Classification Number: 0202


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Salary Range 19 $2971 $3103 $3235 $3382 $3540 $3710 $3887 $4072 $4265 $4479


The GRANTS/CONTRACTS TECHNICIAN functions as the primary grant/contract advisor to researchers and principal investigators. Positions in this class assist in maintaining grant/contract accountability and compliance in accordance with funding agency award agreements, university policy, and general accounting principles and procedures.


This is the second level in a two level series. It is distinguished from the lower level by having responsibility for the day to day administration of grants and/or contracts within a department or section of a university. Positions in this class inform principal investigators and researchers of current and projected fiscal status, as well as terms and conditions of grant/contract awards, ensuring expenditure compliance over the duration of the grant/contract.


The duties below are not inclusive but characteristic of the type of work associated with the class. Individual positions may do all or some combination of the duties listed below as well as other related duties:

  1. Grant Administration. Reviews terms and conditions of awarded grants and/or contracts and serves as technical information resource to researchers and principal investigators. Ensures cost-share is met under a variety of grant funded projects (each having its own regulations and guidelines). Confers with institution grant and contract administration office or external funding agencies to clarify rules and guidelines, explaining compliance requirements to unit staff as necessary. Ensures integrity and conformance to applicable standards of grant/contract implementation, execution, and closing. Reports financial status and project status to principal investigators.
  2. Bookkeeping. Reviews and verifies accounts for accuracy, ensuring audit trail requirements are being met and recording procedures have been followed; reconciles individual transactions to General or Operating Ledger, tracks errors through the agency's accounting system and makes appropriate reversals or correcting entries; posts entries and balances accounts; reviews documents for appropriateness and approvals and enters into the computer accounting system; prepares vouchers, allocates charges and credits, assigns account codes, processes travel authorizations and expense reimbursements, prepares check requests for accounts payable. Employees in this class may be responsible for a limited number of funds within a large university department, or within a smaller unit may maintain a complete system of account records involving a number of individual or control accounts. Account information is usually recorded electronically. Some employees in this class may maintain project funds, trust funds, and/or cash receipt and deposit accounts, and may review the work of others.
  3. Budget Tracking and Preparation. Provides current and historical budget data such as expenditure and receipt recaps; compares current account balances with budget limits and prepares variance reports; makes adjustments to budget accounts according to established procedures. Employees in this class may perform budget preparation activities such as projecting expenditures, forecasting grant/contract income or preparing budget related documents.
  4. Report Preparation. Compiles financial information, budget status reports, and special purpose reports. Assists with grant and contract proposals.


Employees in this class are in daily contact with department and other university staff to discuss topics such as grant/contract status, pending or concluding awards, fund, account, or budget balances, payment status, document errors, purchase requests, or policy/procedure compliance. As needed, contact is made with granting agencies, the institution research administration office, and vendors.


Employees in this class receive general supervision from business managers, principal investigators, or department administrators. Supervision is provided regarding overall grant/ contract setup and administration, university policy, and applicable OUS, State, or Federal regulations. Work is frequently performed independently and reviewed by supervisors as needed. Employees in this class follow institutional, state, federal, and granting/contracting agency regulations, policies, and guidelines.


Positions are found primarily within departments of research oriented, grant funded OUS institutions. At smaller universities, positions may be found in the Business unit or other areas in combination with other positions. Most positions in this class use computer accounting systems, although occasional positions may continue to use manual records.


  • 12 quarter hours (8 semester hours) of accounting courses AND two years of experience which included preparing financial reports; making annual or biennial closing entries; interpreting financial data and advising administrators; OR
  • an Associates Degree in Accounting, OR
  • an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Revised 9-01-03