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Classification Specifications


Classification Number: 5310


  Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 Step 8 Step 9 Step 10
Salary Range 22B $4072 $4265 $4479 $4690 $4914 $5149


The CONSTRUCTION INSPECTOR inspects work in progress on State building construction projects, to ensure contractors' compliance with plans and specifications, and inspects existing facilities to determine maintenance and structural repair requirements. Employees in this class may review specifications for construction projects prior to competitive bidding, to identify potential concerns.


This is a single classification and not currently part of a series of classes.


  1. Construction Inspection. Typical tasks: reviews building plans and specifications prior to inspection to gain full understanding of the project; inspects work in progress at construction site to determine contractors' compliance with plans and specifications; inspects forms, reinforcement bar, and embedded items prior to pouring concrete foundation, walls and floors; inspects under-floor service equipment (plumbing, ducting, insulation, electrical) before it is covered; inspects framing upon completion; inspects insulation and vapor barrier after it is installed and before it is covered; inspects sheetrock after it is hung and before it is taped; works with contractor and architect to resolve problems that arise during construction, by explaining design and code requirements and recommending solutions to problems encountered; visually checks materials being used by contractors, to ensure that they are at least the same quality and quantity as specified in the contract; makes a final inspection when work is completed to ensure that all contractual obligations have been met satisfactorily.
  2. Inspection of Existing Facilities. Typical tasks: periodically inspects existing structures to determine maintenance and structural repair requirements; prepares a report giving an indication of the urgency of repair required and recommendation of alternative methods for achieving desired results.


Employees in this class have daily contact with architects and contractors to review and clarify project requirements; they have frequent contact with State and local government officials to get information about building codes and regulations; they also have frequent contact with agency management to report on project status and maintenance schedules.


Employees in this class work under direct supervision of an architect, engineer, or administrative superior who frequently reviews project status to ensure satisfactory and timely completion. Guidelines used in performing work in this class include State and local building codes and regulations, as well as State and agency rules governing contract administration.


One of the following:

  • two years of experience inspecting construction projects in progress to ensure that contractors comply with plans and specifications. Experience inspecting existing facilities to determine maintenance and structural repair requirements will substitute for up to six months of the construction projects' inspection experience; or
  • three years of experience supervising commercial, industrial, or multiunit building construction projects which involved several contractors and building trades. This experience must have inculded design work, ensuring that completed work met building codes, and provided knowledge of structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing system design; AND

Be able to become certified at the time of appointment as an "A" level Structural and an "A" or "B" level Plans Examiner.