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Classification Specifications


Classification Number: 4271


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Salary Range 30 $4914 $5149 $5403 $5670 $5949 $6233 $6541 $6857 $7193 $7540


The CONSTRUCTION PROJECT MANAGER 2 develops and manages construction and improvement projects for State agencies with office quarters, parking, utilities, and service facilities.


This is the second level of a two-level series. This class is distinguished from the lower level by managing construction and improvement projects which require working with multiple contractors, are complex to manage, are longer in duration, and are more costly to complete than those managed by the lower level.


  1. Facilities Planning. Typical tasks: meets with various agency administrative personnel to determine construction needs of the agency; manages the development and construction of projects to provide State agencies with office quarters, parking, utilities, and service facilities.
  2. Plans and Specifications. Typical tasks: evaluates site alternatives, develops recommendations, and assists in selection of building sites. Works with architects and engineers in the design of facilities and clarifies specification requirements; reviews construction contract documents and coordinates purchasing and bidding requirements.
  3. Construction Management. Typical tasks: provides designs and prepares construction documents for minor projects; reviews projects during development and construction period to determine conformance with plans, specifications, budget, and schedule; recommends/implements necessary remedial action.
  4. Capitol Construction Budget. Typical tasks: monitors project documents and coordinates purchasing and bidding requirements.
  5. Research. Typical tasks: reviews journals, trade publications, and manufacturers' literature to stay current with materials and practices of the construction industry; reviews government publications to keep abreast of changes and updates in building codes and regulations.


Employees in this class are in frequent contact with agencies in person or on the phone to collect data, schedule meetings, and track procedures. Employees have frequent contact with consultants/contractors to review scope of service, identify needs, and check accuracy of work. Employees in this class make contact in person, in writing, or by phone with purchasing staff regarding the procurement process.


Employees in this class receive general supervision from a section manager who assigns work, clarifies and checks priority of assignments, reviews expenditure request, reviews techniques, and identifies anticipated workloads. Work is reviewed several times weekly, in person or by phone.


  • Three years of engineering or architectural experience which includes one year of experience as a project manager for projects involving buildng construction and site development; AND
  • A Bachelor's degree in Architecture, Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering, or a closely-related field or three additional years of relevant engineering and/or architectural experience.