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Classification Specifications


Classification Number: 3251


  Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 Step 8 Step 9 Step 10
Salary Range 27 $4265 $4479 $4690 $4914 $5149 $5403 $5670 $5949 $6233 $6541


The FACILITIES ENGINEER 1 applies fundamental engineering principles and methods to design simple or routine mechanical, electrical, civil or other specialized engineering projects.


This is the first level of a three-level series. The simple or routine nature of projects assigned, detailed instructions given about the project objectives and desired results, and the level of supervision given distinguishes this class from the higher levels.


The duties listed below are not inclusive but characteristic of the type and level of work associated with this class. Individual positions may perform all or some combination of the duties listed below as well as other related duties.

  1. Project Design. Visits the project site to determine client needs and gather measurements and other field data, or receives assignments with field data and design concept outlined. Reviews reference materials, manuals, building codes, and vendor specifications. Analyzes data and reviews engineering solutions and alternatives with supervisor.  Applies engineering principles and mathematical calculations to design projects, specify equipment and materials and calculate costs. Using conventional or computer-aided design drafting (CADD) systems, prepares final drawings, specifications, and cost estimates. Oversees and instructs designers, drafters, and other staff working on the project. Writes reports outlining project goals and cost estimates. Presents ideas to clients and answers questions concerning the project.
  2. Project Implementation. Establishes a materials list and orders equipment in conjunction with appropriate departments. Talks with shop managers or contractor to answer questions concerning project design during implementation. Inspects finished project for compliance with specifications and design.


The Facilities Engineer 1 has regular contact, in person and by telephone, with managers, purchasing agents, contractors, and material controllers to exchange information to ensure timely and accurate project completion and with clients or client representatives as needed during project design and implement to keep them informed on the project's status.


The Facilities Engineer 1 works under the guidance and direction of a higher-level engineer or engineering supervisor who reviews each task as it is done to ensure that correct engineering principles are used and that the project design meets standards. Once proficiency is gained, project designs are reviewed and approved before presentation to clients. Engineering manuals, building codes, and administrative policies and procedures are used to design and implement projects.


The Facilities Engineer 1 must be willing to occasionally bend, stoop, and climb ladders to inspect projects and work sites and to occasionally travel throughout the State.


  • A Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Construction Management Engineering, or Energy Management Engineering; OR
  • An Associate's degree in engineering or a related technical area such as Civil Engineering, Building Construction, Mechanical Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Structural Engineering and two years of engineer-type experience which includes project field data collection and analysis; estimating project costs; and designing projects with specification development and materials selection; OR
  • An equivalent combination of related training and experience.

A degree in Architecture may be added to the above requirements when appropriate for a specific job.