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Classification Specifications


Classification Number: 2195


  Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 Step 8 Step 9 Step 10
Salary Range 18B $3382 $3540 $3710 $3887 $4072 $4265


The AUDIO/VIDEO REPAIR TECHNICIAN makes major electronic repairs to all types of audio visual equipment including television monitors, video recorders and cameras, audio recorders and sound systems, and microcomputers in interactive audio visual systems. Employees in this class also design, fabricate, build, or modify mechanical parts and electronic circuitry which may be required to install or operate audio and video systems.


This is a single classification and not currently part of a series of classes.


  1. Equipment Repair. Typical tasks: uses oscilloscope, voltmeter, and other electronic testing equipment to test and make major repairs to all types of audio visual equipment, including video recorders, video cameras, television monitors, microcomputers, audio recorders, and sound systems having digital electronic circuitry and integrated circuit chips; makes repairs to electronic systems which are permanently installed in classrooms, lecture halls, laboratories, and learning centers using interactive video systems; fabricates parts or redesigns circuit boards to repair equipment when parts cannot be obtained from commercial sources; makes mechanical repairs to audio visual equipment by replacing broken parts; fabricates mechanical parts which can no longer be purchased by using lathe, drill press, or grinder.
  2. Equipment/System Design and Fabrication. Typical tasks: modifies or adapts mechanical parts and electronic circuitry to fit into existing audio and video systems and microcomputer interactive audio visual systems; makes modifications to electronic multichannel recording and playback systems; designs, fabricates, and builds parts which may be needed to install, operate, or maintain audio and video systems and microcomputer interactive audio visual systems; electronically checks new equipment and systems.
  3. Training. Typical tasks: keeps current on new and changing technology by reading literature and participating in electronic classes or schooling when available.
  4. Miscellaneous. Typical tasks: orders replacement parts for equipment repairs; maintains library of repair diagrams, service manual, and buyers' guides.


Employees in this class are in contact by phone and in person on a regular basis with faculty and staff to receive requests for the repair or modification of audio visual equipment and systems, or to explain results of work completed.


Employees in this class work under the general supervision of an administrative superior. Work is reviewed by daily contact with employee, by the comments received from faculty and staff regarding the quality of services provided, and through regular meetings to discuss problems and work flow. Administrative Rules, departmental policies and procedures, and service manuals are used as guidelines for equipment repair and modification.


Positions are found in central and remote locations throughout State government (e.g., general government agencies, human or natural resource agencies, correctional, mental health, or higher education institutions, hospitals, etc.). They require the willingness to work within the environment associated with the position's location.


  • Four years of full-time technical experience in the maintenance and repair of audiovisual equipment and systems.